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// The Oxford Credit Union (in formation)


What is the Oxford Credit Union Steering Group?

The Oxford Credit Union Steering Group consists of 19 volunteers, working hard towards the registration of the Oxford Credit Union with the Financial Services Authority. The Steering Group is supported by a Development Manager.

What are the goals of the Steering Group?

The goals we have set ourselves to achieve before successfully registering a sustainable citywide credit union for Oxford are: 

Steering Group Development
The members of the Steering Group will become the first directors and officers of the credit union.   

Head Office and Collection Points

Volunteer Development

Common Bond Development


Business Development


How can I help?

The ways in which you can help us as an individual or as an organisation are as manyfold as our development goals: 


How can I contact the Steering Group?
By post or in person:

Oxford Credit Union
Development Office  
43 St Giles



By phone:
Office:            01865 516288


Due to the nature of development work, the Development Manager, Sonja Lutticken, spends a substantial time of the working day in meetings. She aims to be in her office during the morning hours. PLease feel free to call her mobile at any time, or send an e-mail, which will be answered ASAP.

Mobile:           07766057763E
E-mail:           sonjalutticken@ocva.org.uk




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