Saving with Credit Unions

A credit union offers you the opportunity to put your savings into your own community. read more >


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// Our supporters and funders

Oxfordshire Council for Voluntary Action: http://www.ocva.org.uk

Oxford City Council: http://www.oxford.gov.uk

the Tudor Trust: http://www.tudortrust.org.uk

Oxford Quakers: http://www.oxfordquakers.org.uk


// Regulation

Financial Services Authority: http://www.fsa.gov.uk/credit_union

// Trade bodies

Ace Credit Union Services: http://www.acecus.org

ABCUL: http://www.abcul.org/page/index.cfm

World Council of Credit Unions: http://www.woccu.org

// Supporters of social enterprises

Co-operative Futures: http://www.co-operativefutures.coop

HOW2 Initiative: http://www.how2initiative.co.uk

Oxfordshire County Council:

Oxfordshire Economic Partnership: http://www.oep.org.uk/index.html

Oxford Strategic Partnership: http://www.oxfordpartnership.org.uk

SCUDA: http://www.shef.ac.uk/uni/projects/oip/scu


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