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Becoming a pledger for the Oxford Credit Union

Members are the most important aspect of a credit union: after all, a credit union is owned and run by its members! In order to register the Oxford Credit Union, we need to show to the FSA that there is sufficient demand in Oxford for a city wide credit union. We are therefore aiming to collect 700 pledges. Our pledge form is a non-binding form, on which you indicate your interest in joining the credit union. Your pledge is valuable to us as well as yourself: by becoming a pledger, you are not only helping us in achieving registration, you also have the opportunity to influence the organisation of your credit union! We will keep all our pledgers informed by sending out a regular newsletter and we will listen to all your comments and questions about the credit union. We are very interested, for example, to hear your ideas regarding the location of the local service points and the nature of the services. Voicing your comments helps us ensure that the credit union will offer the service you want!
Please follow the link to the online pledge form or contact Sonja at the development office (contact details below) and ask for a pledge form to be posted, faxed, or e-mailed to you.

Once the credit union is registered, you simply become a member by paying in your first pound. We will invite all our pledgers to a festive launch party, where you can pay in your first pound while drinking champagne and celebrating the birth of the Oxford Credit Union!

Volunteering for the Development Group and the Oxford Credit Union

Volunteers are as important to the credit union as members! It is the volunteers that make it possible for the credit union to live up to its ideals of affordable, local and friendly services. The credit union's Board of Directors and the credit committee are elected amongst the memberhip on a voluntary basis. In addition, the credit union has a range of volunteers that operate the local service points.

The Oxford Credit Union Development Group is currently looking for two groups of volunteers. Firstly, we are looking to establish a Study Group of ten to fifteen individuals. The Study Group will work towards registration, together with the Development Worker, Sonja Lutticken. The Study Group will become the first Board of Directors, and manage the day to day running of the credit union, with assistance from Sonja. Secondly, we are looking for volunteers who are wiling to operate the local service points for a few hours a week.

Both groups of volunteers will receive free, Financial Services accredited training and the full support of the Development Worker. Experiences from volunteers from other credit unions are that volunteering for a credit union is fun and rewarding. Credit union volunteers form a strong support group and feel a valuable sense of satisfaction from the useful work they do for their local community. The regular and cost-free training opportunities that are offered to volunteers will help you to improve your administrative, financial management, accounting, and personal skills. Many volunteers have found a new and better job due to their experiences as a credit union volunteer!

Of course, there are many ways to help the credit union, and we can help you find the role that you are comfortable with. There is no need to go through the full training package if you do not feel comfortable doing this, or if you would not like  to be a cashier or a loan officer. You could, for example, offer childcare to other volunteers with small children!

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, please indicate this on your pledge form, or contact Sonja on:

Oxford Credit Union Development Office
43 St Giles
Oxford OX1 3LW

Phone/Fax:     01865 516288
Mobile:           07766057763
E-mail:           sonjalutticken@ocva.org.uk


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